The School Enterprise Challenge

The School Enterprise Challengeis a global business start-up Awards Programme supported by The Saville Foundation and run by London based Teach A Man To Fish. By guiding students and teachers through the phases of setting up a business at school, students experience how to make money (or in some cases fail to make money) through enterprise creation, resulting in more aware, socially responsible young entrepreneurs. By way of definition - a school enterprise is an enterprise that is managed and run by the students, but is owned by the school. All enterprises should be set up to be profitable, educational, and sustainable (both environmentally and socially), and ideally run for an extended period of time.

Over the past decade The School Enterprise Challenge (SEC) has expanded into over 106 countries from India to Peru, with over 5265 schools setting up businesses that range from framing and agriculture to arts and entertainment and prizes are awarded at the Annual Education That's Pays for Itself Conference. South Africa has been an early adopter, with hundreds of school based businesses involved thanks to support from the KwaZulu Natal Department of Education and iThala Development Bank.

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