Public Schools

The traditional boys’ public schools have been hugely influential in South Africa. They have produced leaders in all fields and are centres and models of excellence in their regions. They provide good teachers and principals for other schools. And in the main, they embraced and succeeded in racial transformation. We believe that an important aspect of the future of education and the country itself depends on the success of these schools.

As a result, our Long Term Vision is to create a group of resilient schools that are strengthened financially, are transparent and open to adapting to the times, and -importantly- are willing to share lessons and challenges mindfully. Our belief is that these schools are elevating the entire education system and providing the next generation of aware leaders for our young democracy. We also see teachers who understand how to teach larger multi-lingual classes, and learners of all races who have an education that will enable them to do well at university or in the wider world of business and life in general.

We are also supporting initiatives that are testing new mindful ways to create a new model of relevant 20st Century electives and methodologies that will allow the boys to cope more effectively in the modern world, working actively within a number of the schools. In 2016 we supported a Public Schools Conference (pdf) to share ideas and challenges, to share the concepts and experiences we have unearthed.